June 05, 2012

MUA Out There lip gloss in peach shimmer and MUA eyeshadow in shade 19 matt: Review ♥

I nipped into Superdrug in Nottingham earlier in May to see what MUA stock they had and had heard good things about these two products from Alice at Pretty Wonderful.
The eyeshadow is in dark brown and called shade 19 matt which comes out in a kinder smokey brown which can be built up for a more intense colour and cost just £1.

The lip gloss is from the Out There range in the colour peach shimmer and cost £2.

 This is a really nice colour which works really well with other MUA shades and other brands of eyeshadow.
I'm a huge lover of neautral and brown shades and this is excellent for blending and the outer corners of your eye.
Usually, my prefered MUA eyeshadows are the pearl based ones but this is a nice one to have.
Again, I can't believe they cost just £1! I'm not too fused about the packaging as it's just basic, you get a lot of product in the pan but they can be a bit fragile when dropped as with all of them.

I've already included this in my late April favourites as it quickly became something I was using everyday.
It's the Out There lipgloss in peach shimmer which gives an intense tingly feeling which is meant to boost the size of your lips. I was quite shocked at how intense it was at first but you soon get used to it.
The taste and smell is not the best but I guess you don't need to smell it or lick it?
It's a incredibly pigmented gloss which I think rivals some of the far more expensive products on the high street. It's a lovely peachy pink toned gloss which isn't on the sticky side.
You get a lot of product for the price of just £2.
I've already added another shade from the range to my collection as you will see in my beauty swap haul post earlier.
The second one I got (actually in a swap) was called pink candy I think, it's not as nice as this though.

Swatch of the gloss and the eyeshadow.

So there you have it, have you been using an good MUA products I should know about?

Thanks for reading!



  1. aw thanks for linking me hun! Glad you like these too, I don't think I could get by without mine lol. And oh gosh, don't get me started on how fragile the MUA single shadows are, mine have broke just in the Superdrug bag on the way home! Now whenever I buy new ones I carry them like it's dynamite haha xx

    1. That's ok, you inspired me to get them!
      I don't know why they're so different to the palette versions?
      I hate the way the numbers don't correspond to the palettes either because I don't want to double up with the singles if you know what I mean.




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