June 10, 2012

May favourites and empties ♥

I've honestly been struggling with keeping empty products as I keep throwing them away!
I've not used that much up really and they're also really boring things.
A cheap facial wash from Home Bargains.
Cheap wipes which were terrible at removing eye make-up.
Two Bayliss and Harding body washes.
Sure deodorant.
L'Oreal true match powder which you can see has crumbled really badly and it keeps going everywhere so that's going in the bin now.
A Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer.
Finally, a sample of Perricone or something like that super eye cream. Don't have it on me at the moment so can't think what it's called.

L'Oreal nude magique bb cream for medium tones (comp win).

This is new product for me and at first I wasn't sure it would be right for me but it's amazing! Also I didn't think medium tones would be suitable either but actually, since the sun has been out, it's just right.
You can wear it on its own without foundation or anything and it really does improve the look of my skin.
Costs about £10 but I won it.

The Body Shop strawberry body wash (swap).

Loving this and there isn't much to say but get it!
Costs about £4 for this size.

Rituals Mai diao body cream (magazine freebie).

Loving the smell and feel of this cream not sure how much it costs for the full size but Rituals is definitely a brand I need to invest more in.

AVON frosted berry swirls 15ml perfume.

This is a love hate product because it smells lovely at first but the scent is quickly gone.
I won't repurchase but I've enjoyed it this month
Cost about £6 when not on offer which it too much.

The Body Shop Vitamin E day cream.

Again, not a lot needs to be said about this but that I've been buying it for about 8 years.
It's about £9.50 when not on offer.
It's one of the only day creams that's ever worked for me.
The only thing is, it doesn't have SPF or anti ageing properties. The Body Shop do a version which does have but that's too thick for me.

Vital Radiance lipstick in pomegranate 18.

I picked this up from a local seller in my area and it's lovely! It's got a really nice scent and a moisturising feel to it.
It's like an orangey red.
I don't know where you might be able to get it? Maybe Ebay?

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Plucker lip gloss in candy gloss (BBS buy).

I bought this for £1 from a lady on Beauty Box Swappers and it's the first time I've tried S&G's beauty range.
It's got a tingly feel with a sheer colour. It is on the sticky side but I found it bearable.
I think they cost about £8-£10 which I think is a lot from Boots.

MUA out there lip gloss in peach shimmer (this featured last month).

This featured in my last favourite's post because it's amazing!
I won't go into it because I've done a whole post and mentioned it before.
They cost £2 from Superdrug or the MUA website.

L'Oreal infallible eye shadow in innocent turquoise (comp win).

I received this recently as part of a goody bag win which I have yet to put up a post about it.
It's a gorgeous iridescent turquoise colour which would be absolutely perfect with sun kissed tan.
You could also wear it without a tan, I just think it would really look great with.
It's quite long-lasting worn with a primer and I'm not sure how much they cost full price.
I'd love to try a gold I saw in this range, the other day in Boots.

MUA pearl eye shadow in shade 27 (BBS Easter swap box gift).

This is a lovely all over shade and would be wearable on pretty much every skin tone.
It costs just £1 for these singles and they're amazing quality.
But slightly delicate in the pan.

MUA eye shadow in shade matte 19.

I've spoke about this in a whole post so I won't go into it but it's nice subtle smokey brown shade.
Again, it cost just £1 or 100 Superdrug points which I used.

Elf studio powder brush.

I've been using this everyday to apply pressed powder when needed. It's a lovely dense brush and amazing quality for its price.
I spoke more about it in my Elf mystery bag haul so won't ramble on.
It costs just £3.50 from Elf's UK website.

No7 floral eye shadow brush.

This brush was part of No7 which I actually got on Ebay ages ago.
It's nice and dense and you can pack on lots of colour.
I wrote a post about them last year if you search in the side bar if you're interested to know more.

So there we have it, what things have you been using?

Thanks for reading,



  1. My Loreal powder also crumbled like that, must be dodgy packaging. Am so tempted to buy the strawberry body wash x

    1. Hiya, well I think it's because it was nearly empty so it made it a bit fragile. You should! It's lush :D xxx

  2. I really love that strawberry shower gel!

    Lea x


    1. Yes it smells like you could eat it! Haha xx



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