June 17, 2012

Fabulous jubilee beauty box swap ♥

 I took part in a jubilee inspired beauty box swap with the gorgeous ladies on Beauty Box Swappers on Facebook. Just like the Easter swap, you might like to see that again here link, you paired up with a buddy and decided your budget, then discussed your likes and dislikes.

I paired up with a gorgeous lady called Lily and I couldn't believe how much she got me, I was completely overwhelmed and I'm in love with it all.

Pictured above is how is looked when I opened the Glossy Box (my first ever actually).

I took everything out so I could photograph how pretty it looked, sorry about the background, that's my office because I had it delivered to work.
I couldn't wait till I got home so had to picture it there on my break.

Just look at what Lily got me!!! Naughty Lily must have gone well  over the approx £30 limit! I've so wanted to try the The Body Shop Lily Cole range and really nearly bought The Body Shop dry oil for her.
Everything was just so perfect, from the colours, scents, types of products, how she'd wrapped them- everything!

This was the destruction with all the paper haha.

I've never owned a Topshop eye palette before and was delighted to see it! 

How the product looks on the back

 The well-known Topshop packaging, this time in black.

Wow- I'm in love with the colour selection in this palette and I know I'll get a lot of use of it.  I'm guessing Topshop must do a range in this palette as this one is called tawny.
I've not visited the site because I don't want to see how much it cost with it being a gift but I'm you could find it online and instore.

There was a leaflet included to show you how to achieve the smokey eye look.

The pigmentation is lovely and each shade has a slight shimmer to them. I've worn a couple of the colours one day since taking these pictures and it lasted all day with Urban Decay primer underneath.

 Keep scrolling!

 These are so cute! I love the fact they're sterling silver too because I have problems with plated earrings.
What  a lovely, thoughtful addition to the box :)
And how lovely is that gift box too?

Now my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw this collection by Lily Cole! Ahhhh :D
It's just stunning! I've not tried any of it yet because I want to do a whole post about the range.

I know! How much did she get me. I love Palmers, Batiste and Toni & Guy :)

Perfect sized minis to go on holiday with.

The Body Shop Beautifying dry oil in Cocoa butter

I nearly bought this for Lily but couldn't decide on which scent because The Body Shop do quite a few.

I've tried this yesterday and it makes your smell good enough to eat and it sinks straight into your skin without leaving a residue.

I'm going to be using this all summer!

Sweeties and chocolate :)

Boots face masks and conditioner sachets!

You can never have too many of these :)

(sorry about the lighting, the sun kept going in and out)

Cute little H&M minis in vanilla.

Rimmel lipgloss I think, in orange your life.

I've not tried this yet but think it would be perfect worn on its own or over a lipstick.

 Anyone who knows me, know I love Yankee candles and these smell lovely!

A cute little cupcake lipgloss/balm

The lovely box with a material bottom :)

 Now this is what I got her, starting with how it was wrapped. I was going for a royal or jubilee look and wish I'd just wrapped it how Lily did haha.

I got Lily three official jubilee tea towels, three Montagne jennesse face masks, a sleek glo palette, two 17 mirror shine lipsticks in Beehive and Nudist Peach, three w7 nail polishes (jubilee inspired colours, two Urban Decay pigment pots in X and Baked, Anais Anais perfumed body lotion, A Too Faced eye shadow in Bob's your Uncle (a smokey brown with a slight glitter) a Too Faced LashLight mascara in intense black and  a Beauty UK pigment.

To be honest, I wish I'd got her more but I did go over budget anyway! But Lily totally trumped my box but was glad to hear she was happy with it.

There was also a card which you can just see top left.

Did you do a jubilee beauty box? What do you think and thanks for getting this far, pic heavy I know.

Thanks for reading,




  1. Fab boxes! I didn't take part this time but did the Easter Bunny Swap x

    1. Thanks hun :) Yeah they're great aren't they?! Lily got me loads and I was afraid she wouldn't like mine.


  2. Omg this is amazing! What a great box! I really wanted to do the jubilee swap but it was before pay day so had to give it a miss.


    1. Hiya,
      Thanks :D Yea you do have to watch your budget, it's very easy to overspend but I had a lots of fun doing it and looking forward to two more I've got planned. I'm you'll get the chance again soon.




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