May 15, 2012

April favourites (late sorry) ♥

FCUK body spray in fruity oriental fragrance.
I’m going to have to pick another one of these up when it runs out because it smells lovely.
It’s a really refreshing spray that works well with other perfumes too.
I got it in a set at Christmas and I bet it retails for around the £4 which isn’t too bad because its lasted quite a long time.

Little Black Dress EDP perfume by AVON

As you can see there, that is an empty bottle! I’ve just run out but my AVON lady is coming next week to top me up!
It was on special offer when I ordered so I think I got 50ml for about £7.50 which is great.
This is good budget everyday perfume which I think is really wearable during the day.
It’s hard to describe the smell but it’s like a floral musky smell.
L’Oreal True match pressed powder in rose vanilla

This has well and truly hit pan now but there’s still a little way for it to go yet.
It’s a lovely blend able pressed powder which is good for everyday worn on it’s own or worn on top of foundation.
It’s a lovely warm ivory colour which works well for me.
I think it costs about £7 or £8 from Boots or Superdrug or places like that.
Despite loving it, I won’t repurchase it right away because I’ve got a new ELF one to use but will definitely buy it again in the future.

Urban Decay primer potion mini

This is about on its last legs! The plastic covering is wearing off the bottle.
There’s a little bit left and I’m determined to use it up before opening a fresh one.
I got this with the Urban Decay NYC palette and I think it’s the best primer on the market.
Unfortunately, the full size isn’t cheap about £12/£13 I think.
But If you get them in the palettes, the value/saving is much better.
You can always look on Ebay too but I’m a bit wary buying makeup on Ebay these days because a lot tends to be fake.

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in light 2

I’ve featured this before in favourite posts but it’s still a firm favourite with me. Of course the writing on the product has worn off as it always does! And this one is almost empty too.
I’m going to try using a new Elf one before repurchasing this again.
It retails for about £4 which is very good value.

MUA out there lipgloss in Peach Shimmer £2 Superdrug

I bought this only recently in Nottingham and I can’t believe has seriously pigmented this is for a gloss.
It’s a beautiful pink colour on the lips which tingles to provide that extra oomph to the lips.
The first time I used it, I was like oh wow ouch! But I quickly got used to it and the colour payoff and look on the lips is well worth it.
The colour really pops and I’d love to try some other colours.
They cost just £2 and it’s seriously a good product for that.

Collection 2000 fast stoke black liquid liner

I’ve featured this before too, but it’s still something I use nearly everyday. I always go back to this product and it’s still only £2.99 enough said!

I’ve not really bought lots of new products so just concentrated on what I always use. Sorry it’s a bit late too, this no internet at home thing is driving me nuts.

I also tried to upload this post the other day and for some reason it deleted itself!

Thanks for reading,


  1. I'm glad you love the gloss too! And I LOVE my collection 2000 concealer. I really want to try the L'Oreal True Match powder x

    1. Yes it's great for £2, I got another one sent to me in candy pink too so looking forward to trying that!
      Yeah, I say there that I won't be buying another, or trying and i've used it up now and gone onto a Elf and it's really not the same! I might have to cave and get it again haha.
      I would recommend it, it's nice colour and goes a long way.



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